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It’s critical to have your home’s roof inspected regularly, as well as after any significant weather event, to ensure that your roofing system is performing at its best.

Issues like shingle degradation, deteriorating sealants, loose flashing, etc. can lead to much larger and more costly issues if left unnoticed and unaddressed.

We recommend having your home’s roof inspected by a professional at least once per year and following any major weather events such as hail, hurricanes, excessive winds, heavy rains, and more.

The team at Top Tier Roofing Solutions offers more than 20 years of professional roofing experience and offers our thorough roof inspections free of charge. Our roofing technicians are trained on the latest industry standards and employ leading-edge technology such as aerial drones, detailed digital reporting with photos, moisture meters, and more.

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A residential roof inspection is important for several reasons, as it plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety, longevity, and overall condition of a home.

Some of the primary benefits of having your home’s roof inspected by a professional roofing company like Top Tier Roofing Solutions are;

Regular roof inspections help to identify any problems or potential issues. This includes issues such as leaks, cracks, missing shingles, damaged flashing, etc. Catching these problems early can prevent them from escalating into more serious and costly repairs down the line.

A well-maintained roof lasts longer. By addressing issues promptly and conducting routine inspections, homeowners can help extend the lifespan of their roofs, avoiding premature deterioration.

Some insurance policies and roofing warranties require regular inspections as part of the terms. Failing to meet these requirements could potentially lead to denied insurance claims or voided warranties.

Especially with our brutal Texas heat, roofs are exposed to the elements year-round, which can lead to wear and tear over time. Regular inspections help assess the impact of weather events, such as heavy rain, hail, and wind, on the roof's condition.

Roof Inspection Conroe, TX

Our Inspection Process


During your residential roof inspection, a Top Tier Roofing Solutions trained roof technician will thoroughly assess the condition of the roof to identify any issues or potential problems. We thoroughly outline your inspection in a detailed report with photos that we review with you at the conclusion of your inspection.

Here are the key aspects that we look for during a residential roof inspection:

Overall Condition

We will evaluate the general condition of your roof, looking for signs of wear, damage, or deterioration. This includes checking for sagging, uneven areas, and overall structural integrity.

Shingles & Roofing Material

The condition of the shingles or other roofing materials will be examined closely. This involves looking for cracked, curled, or missing shingles, as well as any signs of granule loss. Any signs of wear can indicate the need for repairs or replacement.


Flashing is the material used to seal joints and prevent water intrusion in areas like chimneys, vents, and valleys. We check for damaged or improperly installed flashing that could lead to leaks.

Seals and Caulking

The integrity of seals and caulking around vents, pipes, and other protrusions through the roof will be assessed. Damaged or deteriorating seals can allow water to penetrate the roof.

Gutters and Downspouts

The gutter system will be inspected to ensure it is properly attached and functioning. Clogged or damaged gutters and downspouts can lead to water overflow and damage to the roof and home’s foundation.

Ventilation & Insulation

We assess the ventilation and insulation in the attic space. Proper ventilation and insulation are essential for maintaining a stable indoor environment and preventing issues like moisture buildup.

Debris & Organic Growth

Any debris, leaves, branches, or organic growth (such as algae, moss, mold, and mildew) will be noted. Accumulated debris can trap moisture and lead to deterioration.

Structural Integrity

We check for any signs of structural damage to the roof deck, trusses, or rafters. This includes signs of rot, decay, or insect infestation.

Leaks & Water Damage

Any signs of water leaks or water damage will be carefully examined. Water stains, discoloration, and soft spots on the roof’s surface or in the attic can indicate leaks.

Previous Repairs

If the roof has undergone previous repairs, we will assess the quality of the repairs and determine if any further maintenance or adjustments are needed.

If we discover any areas of concern during our inspection, we will inform you in our report and guide you in your next steps for repairs and maintenance.

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Our team provides top-tier roofing services to Conroe, TX, and the surrounding areas with more than 20 years of experience and is certified by some of the biggest names in the industry.

We firmly believe in treating our customers like family. We do this by thoroughly educating homeowners on the current condition of their roofs and providing the best plan of action for their particular scenario.

Our goal is not always to sell you a new roof for your home. If our inspection uncovers problems that can be remedied with a small repair, we are happy to help!

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